Blood In The Vacuum

Transmission 0.01


Welcome Acolytes. You have been recruited by Lord Inquisitor {REDACTED} Ordo {REDACTED} to serve the God Emperor and uphold Humanity.

Your initial assignment is to investigate criminal activity aboard trading station Carrus. We believe that there may be Heretical contraband flooding the local black market, known colloquially as the Cold Trade.

As Carrus has no official Inquisitorial station, you shall be accommodated for by the stations High Administrator, Wrylock Cashentius. You will conduct investigation as you see fit, and should expect full cooperation from the Administrator and the local Adeptus Arbites. Resolve the situation with as little bloodshed and chaos as possible.

Accompanying you will be Interrogator Trenth, to guide your investigation and rate your performance. He will not allow mistakes to go unpunished.

After conclusion, you will be expected to write a mission report summarizing the events of the mission, and any concerns you may have about your fellow acolytes.

May the Light of The Emperor be with you.



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